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Florida workers compensation coverage

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Workers Compensation in Florida

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, providing food, entertainment and most importantly, jobs. All small companies have expenses, but some of them are more vital than others. Worker's Compensation Insurance is a vital component to any growing business. Not only does it protect the business from high hospital bills, it compensates the worker for lost wages.

Worker's compensation also helps to stabilize the American economy. It may not seem like this set of stringent requirements could help the economy, but they do. A worker who has no protection form an injury may be less productive in an effort to remain injury free. Fortunately, there are laws that compensate injured workers, allowing them to do their jobs without worry. These laws also protect the employers from paying missing wages and hospital bills.

Who's Covered in Florida

There can be disputes as to exactly who is and isn't covered by worker's compensation. The misconception is that anyone working for a company is automatically covered and in some cases, this is true. Florida law requires any construction company with more than one employee to have worker's compensation insurance. Workers in this field are far more likely to receive a work related injury, and they need to be protected. However, some people who work for a company are exempt from worker's comp coverage. A real estate broker who earns an income strictly on commission is not covered by Florida law. Workers who are owner-operators of their own vehicles are also exempt from coverage, because they're deemed to be independent contractors.

Understanding the Florida worker's compensation laws is something best left to independent insurance agents. First Florida Underwriters, Inc is a team of Orange Park, Fl Workers Compensation Insurance Agents who can help guide a worker or employer through the difficulties of worker's comp laws.