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Florida Autoowners with auto insurance coverage

Auto Insurance in Florida

Most people realize that automobile insurance is a necessity in all 50 states, but few people realize why. The insurance isn't to protect the driver nor the vehicle. The policy is actually intended to protect the other drivers and property owners from the insurance policy holder. If someone was to run a red light or stop sign and cause a serious wreck, that person may not have the funds to cover all the damages. This is where the auto insurance policy comes in, and issues funds to repair any damages.

Auto Insurance for Medical Expenses

Most automobile injuries will require some type of medical attention, and the policy holder may not be able to afford these either. Medical expenses are usually delegated to the insurer of the driver at fault. This means no one's insurance rates should increase if the other driver caused the collision. Medical bills and property damage compose most of the expenses accrued after there's been an auto accident, but there are others.

Paying for Missed Time

Most auto insurance policies will also pay for the time that an injured party has to miss from work after an injury. The individual may have to follow litigation in order to collect these funds, but the victim of an auto accident is entitled to have his or her wages compensated after time has been missed from work. There are also policies that cover missed time from work regardless of how the injury was received, but this insurance is separate from and auxiliary to an insurance policy. There are also auxiliary insurance packages that cover automobiles. For instance, Florida doesn't require driver's to carry as much coverage as other states, because Florida is a no-fault state.