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Will Boat Insurance Protect Against Vandalism?

Your Orange Park, FL was vandalized for reasons that you can’t understand and you don’t feel comfortable driving it. Thankfully, a boat insurance policy from First Florida Underwriters Inc may help to pay for this damage to your watercraft.

Comprehensive Coverage Will Protect Against Vandalism

There are many types of insurance coverage options for boats, including comprehensive coverage policies. This policy types comes into play when your boat is damaged in a non-collision incident. For example, people who own a boat that has been vandalized can pay for the repairs or even the replacement of their boat with this policy.

This coverage options also includes the ability to add “riders” to your policy to cover items that are connected to the boat but which aren’t the boat. For example, if somebody stole your depth finder from your boat and you have a rider for its replacement, your insurance will pay to replace or repair it.

When Coverage May Be Denied

Though comprehensive boating insurance will cover vandalism committed against your vessel, there may be times when it doesn’t. For example, your policy won’t kick into play if your insurance provider believes that you vandalized your own boat to collect on the policy. This act is not only unethical but illegal.

This situation very rarely happens, though, and typically only occurs if there were mitigating or suspicious circumstances around your boat damage. For example, if the vandalism seems self-inflicted or designed only to collect on a policy, your provider may not believe you.

Learn More About High-Quality insurance Options

Thankfully, most Orange Park, FL boat insurance policies will easily and gladly pay to repair a vandalized boat. So please contact us at First Florida Underwriters Inc to learn more about the benefits of these types of policies.

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