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3 Tips to Prevent Work Related Accidents

Workplace safety and appropriate training for safety in the workplace is critical for the protection of management as well as the employees. Orange Park, FL as well as the rest of the United States has rules and policies that have been established by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Hazards Administration, which are designed to protect employees from injuries and fatalities. To help avoid the risk of worker’s comp claims for injuries, here are three tips recommended by First Florida Underwriters Inc for workplace safety.

No Horse Playing

One of the quickest ways to get an injury while at work is by horse playing. Not paying attention to the task at hand and/or using tools and equipment inappropriately can quickly result in an injury, sometimes fatal injuries. It is essential to maintain professional behavior while in the workplace. Playtime is designated for outside of work hours, so never use tools and equipment as toys and do not think that an innocent joke or trick may not end up causing physical injury to a coworker; sometimes the most innocent acts result in serious injury.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

One of the rules put in place by OSHA is the requirement of wearing protective clothing and breathing equipment when working around dangerous substances. This includes, but is certainly not limited to work boots, hard hats, eye goggles, fire retardant clothing, earplugs and/or respirators. The specific safety requirements vary from job to job and industry to industry, so be sure to know and follow all safety requirements pertaining to clothing.

Follow the Rules Regarding Machinery

Regardless of its simplicity, machinery can cause serious injuries, even death if not use appropriately. You should never use a piece of machinery that you aren’t familiar with and have been trained to use. Employers should provide proper training and employees should following the training when operating any type of machinery. If you aren’t comfortable with or are inexperienced in a type of machinery that you are asked to operate, it is important to ask for the proper help and training before using.

Workplace safety rules and regulations have been put into place to maximize the efficiency of the company as well as reduce the amount of work-related injuries. For your safety and/or the safety of employees, it is critical that training is provided and safety measures followed.

Residents of Orange Park, FL who want to learn more information about workplace safety or to inquire about worker’s comp insurance, contact First Florida Underwriters Inc.

What Is Not Included In Home Insurance Policies?

There are a number of things that may not be included in a home insurance policy. You want the very best for your home in Orange Park, FL. This means you have to look at the fine print so you don’t encounter any surprises. First Florida Underwriters Inc can also work with you to ensure you get the coverage that you need.

There are four things covered in a standard policy:

  • Liability protection
  • Personal belongings
  • The structure of your home
  • Additional living expenses

What’s not covered includes detached garages, pools, and other structures that may be found throughout your property. These would have to be added above and beyond your standard policy.

You also have to look at the kind of damages you are protected against. For example, your policy will provide coverage against fire, theft, hurricanes, lightning, and various other disasters that may be listed within your policy. However, you would not be protected against floods or earthquakes. You would need to add these as riders to your policy.

Various damages as a result of routine wear and tear will also not be covered by a home insurance policy. This would require a completely different insurance policy altogether.

Knowing what is and isn’t covered is critical so that you know whether you will be covered in an insurance claim. If you aren’t covered, the expense is on you as opposed to being covered by the insurance company, minus the deductible that you have to pay per your policy details.

At First Florida Underwriters Inc, we have independent insurance agents who can help you with your home insurance policy. We will work to ensure that you have sufficient coverage for your home in Orange Park, FL. It will make it easier for you to enjoy your home without wondering if you have enough protection.



3 Facts You Need to Know About Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is simply the insurance used to protect businesses against losses resulting from damage to property or injury to employees. Property insurance, liability insurance, and worker’s compensation are some types of commercial insurance. Settling an insurance claim isn’t always a simple affair. There are some facts that you should know about your commercial insurance coverage.

1. Being Covered Has Different Definitions

Given that you have a Commercial General Liability Insurance cover, it will cover you, your business entity, and all your employees. In general, your staff is covered so long as an insured incident occurs during their company working time or while acting on behalf of the company. However, this may not always be the case, it always depends on the situation.

2. Purchase a Cover Based On Risk

The United States Small Business Administration encourages business owners to carry out their own risk analysis prior to buying an insurance cover. For instance, an Information Technology support firm with low physical customer interaction may require a very different insurance policy compared to a construction company that operates where there are many people. A risk analysis, which is also conducted by the insurance provider when settling a cover, may tell you the sort of insurance cover you should apply for.

First Florida Underwriters Inc in Orange Park, FL, is an insurance agency that can help you determine the commercial insurance cover you need. Call us today to get the best cover.

3. Yearly Review of Coverage Is Necessary

Yes, you have bought your commercial insurance cover, and you feel satisfied and safe, but do not forget to do a checkup. You should make it a habit to always review your company risks and coverage every year. Maybe you opened a new business premises, or added a new company vehicle. If something is not included in your insurance policy, then it is not covered. Keep your plan up to date to avoid trouble.

Ready to look into commercial insurance? Contact First Florida Underwriters Inc in Orange Park, FL to know the process.

What Items Should Be In Your Emergency Travel Kit?

No matter if you travel across town or across the country, having an emergency kit in the trunk of your car can be a life-saver. At First Florida Underwriters Inc, agents serve residents who live in the Orange Park, FL area. Agents understand the need for having an emergency kit and are willing to help their clients gather the items they need to stay safe while they are on the road. 

For You

If you get stranded along the roadway due to your car breaking down or an accident, there are several things you can keep in your trunk to keep you safe. A few of the most common items include:

  • Handheld flashlight
  • Blanket
  • Bottled water
  • Snacks
  • First aid kit

You can add other items that are used by your family, especially if you have small children.

For Your Car

When it comes to the items you need for your car, you can include:

  • Jumper cables
  • Flares
  • Reflective triangle
  • Small tool kit
  • Tow rope

Placing a box in your trunk that contains the items for both you and your vehicle will help keep you safe and out of harm’s way if an emergency happens. You will also have everything you need in case you come across another motorist who is stranded along the side of the road. 

Residents who live in Orange Park, FL can always turn to the agents of First Florida Underwriters Inc if they have questions about what they should put in their emergency kit. Call and schedule an appointment with your agent today to go over your auto and home policies. It’s also a good time to ask any questions you may have about staying safe while you’re traveling. 

What Types Of Roof Damage Are Normally Covered By Insurance?

The agents of First Florida Underwriters Inc work with the residents of Orange Park, FL to find the right homeowners policy that fits their needs. In Florida, there are additional types of coverage that may be beneficial. Hurricane and flood insurance are commonly sold due to the winds and rain that accompany strong storms. Strong winds and heavy rain can also cause extensive damage to a home’s roof and gutters.

Storm Damage

If a roof is in good condition, the strong winds that accompany hurricanes and tropical storm can loosen shingles or tiles. The stronger the winds, the more likely it is for damage to occur. In most cases, if a homeowner has hurricane insurance any damages caused by storms can be turned in by filing a claim. The damages will have to be assessed and estimates received on how much it will cost to make the necessary repairs.

General Wear and Tear

Part of the inspection will determine how much of the damage is the result of general wear and tear. If the roof is more than a few years old, broken or damaged shingles can compromise the integrity of the rood causing leaks inside your home. Yearly roof inspections and regular maintenance will reduce the impact of general wear and tear.

Residents who live in Orange Park, FL can always call the agents at First Florida Underwriters Inc if they have questions concerning their homeowners insurance and what types of roof damage it covers. Each agent is bonded and licensed with years of experience. Call and schedule an appointment today so you have all of the answers you need.

Planning for the Disgruntled Worker’s Damage

Ask any IT administrator and one of the highest risks to records, data, and a business’ livelihood is not outside the company in the form of a thief or hacker but inside the company as an upset employee, even in Orange Park, FL. The disgruntled employee syndrome is common, affects every industry, and due to the person’s already approved access can present a significant challenge to prevent or repair. Most companies don’t even prepare for the issue until it actually happens, and then the cleanup is far more costly and extensive (in addition to also including the removal of the person as well).

While your management and IT administrator can definitely develop protocols for how to deal with the employee-run amok, your business contingency plan should also have a safety net for how to deal with the damage caused if the problem gets discovered after the fact. This is where commercial insurance for your company comes into play. It can provide the valuable, low-cost safety net that helps offset problems associated with data loss, downstream damage to clients and associated parties, impacted employees, liabilities for failure in duties, and even privacy breach penalties. Any Orange Park, FL business dealing with other people’s data or property (intangible or physical) needs to have protection in place that can anticipate and help repair problems caused by an employee on the way out. It can very much mean the difference between your business’ ongoing success or being burdened with paying claims, settlements, and judgments.

First Florida Underwriters Inc can help. Their staff can draw upon multiple cases and anticipate the kinds of risks your particular business and industry might face from a disgruntled employee. Give them a call today and find out how First Florida Underwriters Inc and their team can protect you before it’s too late.

Employer’s Liability in Worker’s Comp Claims

Every employer in the state of Florida, which has four or more employees, is required to have worker’s compensation insurance, except in the construction industry and for government employers, it is one or more employees and in farming, it is five more regular employees or 12 or more seasonal employees.

Florida businesses that have worker’s compensation insurance benefit from Florida’s “exclusive remedy” rule. This rule was upheld in 2015 by the Florida Supreme Court. Under most circumstances, this rule prohibits employees or their surviving family members from suing an employer, if the benefits from worker’s compensation payments for the medical bills, lost wages, and disability or death benefits.

Employer’s Additional Responsibilities

In order to benefit from the limitation that prohibits lawsuits under the Florida Worker’s Compensation program, the employer must accept a worker’s compensation claim from or about an employee, certify that the on-the-job injury or death occurred, and file the claim on a timely basis.

If an employer delays a claim filing, either intentionally or by negligence, the employee or their surviving family can sue the company. Additionally, if there is proof of gross negligence by the employer that was the cause of the accident, an employer may still have a liability issue and may face a lawsuit.

Consult with Your Insurance Broker

Many business owners like to have an Employer’s Liability Insurance policy in addition to worker’s comp insurance. Ask your agent at First Florida Underwriters Inc in Orange Park FL about this. This type of insurance offers extra protection if there is an on-the-job accident, which results in serious injury, disability, or death of an employee. Businesses are not required by law to carry this extra insurance; nevertheless, many businesses want it for additional protection.

Consult with your insurance agent at First Florida Underwriters Inc, serving Orange Park, FL and the surrounding area, about any needs for Worker’s Compensation Insurance and Employer’s Liability Insurance.

Does Your Business Need A Commercial Insurance?

Lately, we have been expounding on other types of insurance and some insurance terms. Today, we are focusing on commercial insurance. If you are planning on starting a new business, or maybe you already own a business for the past few or many years, then commercial insurance should be part of your business investment. Operating a business without getting worried of any financial loss as a result of unpredicted incidences is stress relieving. The commercial insurance protects you from some of the losses experienced by businesses such as theft, liabilities, worker injuries, property damage etc. Procuring the right commercial insurance cover makes the difference between going out of business interruption and financial damage to your company operations in Orange Park, FL.

What is commercial Insurance?

Simply, this is an insurance that protects your business. It covers any losses, property damages etc. The First Florida Underwriters Inc. offers different types of commercial insurance to its customers.

What type of Commercial Insurance does First Florida Underwriters Inc. offer?

  • Commercial Auto Insurance

This type of insurance is recommended for people who own vehicles. It caters for vehicles that participate in activities related to your business or personal use.

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance

The advantage of this type of insurance is the fact that it covers a wide range of items in your business. With CGL insurance, your business is well covered when any injuries such as personal, advertising and property injuries occur.

  • Commercial Property Insurance

This category caters for any property damages that might occur in case of theft or even fire. Basically, this type of insurance covers anything related to your business physical location or physical structure.

Which is the best agency to partner with?

It is far much easy for any business owner located in Orange Park, FL. This is because one can use an independent agency such as the First Florida Underwriters to obtain a commercial insurance. You can also undergo the same process through the internet at the First Florida Underwriters website. Ensure you fully understand the policies before registering for any type of insurance.


Valuing the Invaluable: Choosing the right homeowners Insurance

It is important to protect yourself with homeowners insurance since owning a home is one of the most valuable investments. In as much as the price is important when choosing the right cover, it is necessary to look at the insurance providers’ overall quality before consideration in order to get the most out of your money. The four main factors to consider include:

  • Claims processing

In the event of damages in your home, battling with an insurance company that you have been making payments to can be a nightmare considering the conditions surrounding the entire process of filing a home insurance claim. It is of significance to get an insurance company which you can easily contact the agent who will ensure timely payments.

  • Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is another important factor to consider. As a policyholder, it is comforting to know you can simply contact an agent who will treat you fairly and expedite the process of reimbursement without any hustles and inconveniences.

  • Coverage options

Most home policies cover damages for personal property, dwelling coverage, and liability insurance. Nevertheless, natural disasters like floods and earthquakes are in most cases deemed to be added as an additional policy. Apart from the standard home coverage options, an insurance provider that has other catastrophic coverage options to complement the basic options should be considered before making a purchase. We at First Florida Underwriters Inc. in Orange Park FL, offer additional policies.

  • Financial stability

It is important to investigate the financial stability of an insurance company before buying a home insurance policy because there have been rising cases of insurance companies failing to pay claims and policyholders losing their policies. This can be done by getting the company’s current financial statement and look at their growth rate and profitability or searching online resources in order to get a clear insight of the company’s financial strength.

In case you are a homeowner, visit Orange Park, FL agents with First Florida Underwriters Inc., to help you get the right policy that suits your needs.

How Does Your Workers Compensation Insurance Save You Money?

While every business in Orange Park, FL is required to carry workers compensation insurance, the folks at First Florida Underwriters Inc want you to know that it offers more fulfilling a legal obligation. When managed correctly, your policy can end up saving you cash in the long run.

Employees Fully Complete Treatment Before Returning to Work

When a workers comp claim is opened due to a verified injury at work, your insurance company will work with your human resources department and the medical professionals to come up with a complete plan to return your employee to health.  After completing any treatment in the hospital and all rehabilitation that is prescribed they can return to work.  Meanwhile, the employee is also provided with a steady income that minimizes the financial impact of the injury to their family.  There is a much smaller chance that they will come back before they are able, which can result in a more severe injury and cost even more in treatments.

Transitional Duty Eases the Return

You will also participate in a transitional duty program as part of returning the injured worker back to the job. Whether they only work a few hours a week at first or are completing some administrative tasks, it helps to maintain a positive relationship.  Happy employees will stay longer, which lowers the cost of hiring and training new staff.

Helps You Improve Safety to Prevent a Recurrence

Finally, when you encourage your employees to utilize the worker’s compensation insurance in Orange Park, FL, it is an opportunity for you to document any unsafe conditions in the workplace and address any deficiencies. You will have a lower rate of injuries in the future, which translates into more savings on insurance premiums and hiring temporary staff.

If you would like to learn more, give the folks a call at First Florida Underwriters Inc to set up an appointment today.