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Is it helpful to have commercial insurance in Florida?

The Orange Park, FL area continues to thrive as it has a strong consistent population base and plenty of tourism. This helps to boost the local economy and makes it a good place to run a business. When you are looking to build and establish a business here, getting the proper insurance for it is a necessity. A commercial insurance plan in Florida can be helpful for several reasons. 

Coverage Will Protect Investment in Company

A good reason to always have a commercial insurance plan when you are here is so you can protect your investment in your company. No matter what type of company you start, you will need to invest time and money to get it off the ground. The best way that this investment can be fully covered is by getting a commercial insurance plan as it will cover your business assets and offer liability protection.

Have Support when Needed

You will also want to have a commercial insurance plan so you have support when you need it the most. Being named in a liability lawsuit or losing core assets to fire, theft, or another form of loss is always going to be stressful. When you have commercial insurance, you will be comforted knowing that you have comfort as well as an insurance provider to help with any claims. 

Having commercial coverage is clearly a good option for those that are business owners in the Orange Park, FL area. When you are looking to grow your company and have it properly insured, you will want to call First Florida Underwriters Inc. The team with First Florida Underwriters Inc understands the value of this coverage and will give any support you need to build an ideal plan. This can help keep you and your company properly protected and supported. 

Three Myths About Auto Insurance

When it comes to figuring out auto insurance, it can be pretty confusing. There are a number of factors that go into determining your premiums, and when you put premiums aside, auto insurance is still pretty complex. First Florida Underwriters Inc wants to help you understand auto insurance a little bit better, so here are a few myths that we would like to debunk for Orange Park, FL residents.

Comprehensive Insurance Will Cover Everything

While it is true that comprehensive auto insurance will cover quite a bit, it is only designed for the things that aren’t covered by the other types of insurance on your insurance policy, like uninsured motorist or collision coverage. Comprehensive insurance coverage is necessary for damage sustained to your vehicle during a collision with a deer or other animal, a fire, or weather-related events like floods and hail. In other words, comprehensive coverage handles damage to your vehicle that has occurred as a result of something other than a typical collision.

The State-Minimum Liability Coverage Is All You Need

Most states require that motorists carry a certain amount of auto liability insurance. Unfortunately, a number of drivers are under the impression that this is enough coverage. Under a number of circumstances, the state minimum coverage will not be sufficient in an accident. If this ends up being the case, you will pay out of pocket for any expenses over your insurance coverage. We can help you determine the best coverage amounts based on your financial situation and driving habits.

Personal Auto Insurance Covers the Business Use of a Vehicle

A lot of people are self-employed nowadays and work out of their homes, which means they may use their personal vehicle for business use. Unfortunately, your standard auto insurance policy may not cover you if an accident were to occur. Therefore, you should look into getting business vehicle insurance, especially if you have employees who also drive your vehicle. Don’t forget to check their driving records on a regular basis as well.

Serving Orange Park, FL, First Florida Underwriters Inc understands how confusing auto insurance can be, which is why we would love to sit down with you and help ensure you have the proper coverage for your vehicle.

Motorcycle Insurance Options

You have purchased an amazing motorcycle and cannot wait to take advantage of the beautiful weather and scenery that the state of Florida has to offer but first, you must obtain motorcycle insurance to protect the investment you have made in your bike. The insurance agents at First Florida Underwriters Inc in Orange Park, FL can assist you with all motorcycle insurance options, including the ones listed below.

Florida is the only state that does not require liability insurance for motorcyclists, but you must have Medical Payment Coverage in the amount of at least $10,000 in place to legally drive your bike. This type of insurance will pay for any injuries that are sustained in an accident, however, $10,000 may not be enough to cover the injuries of each person who is hurt in the crash. This means you will need more coverage options to ensure you and your bike are fully protected.

Liability Insurance

You can still obtain liability insurance which will increase the amount of bodily injury coverage that you have in place and will also cover a certain amount of property damage if an accident is deemed to be your fault.

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance will help cover any damages to your bike if you collide with another vehicle or even an object. For example, if you run into somebody’s garage door and damages this type of insurance would cover the amount of damages to the garage door.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance will protect your bike if it is involved in a natural disaster, such as that hurricane, or it is damaged by a fire or vandalism. This will also help recover the cost of your bike if it is stolen.

To determine which motorcycle insurance options you want to choose, call the motorcycle insurance agents today at First Florida Underwriters Inc in Orange Park, FL.

RV Insurance Coverage Options

You have purchased a recreational vehicle, also known simply as an RV, and you cannot wait to hit the road, travel to amazing places, and camp in your RV. There is one thing you will need to do before you head out on your first road trip and that is purchasing an RV insurance policy. The agents at the First Florida Underwriters Inc in Orange Park, FL know and understand the importance of RV insurance.

In Florida, you must have RV insurance to legally drive your RV on the roadways. You must carry at least personal injury protection as well as property damage liability to legally drive your RV but what other RV insurance coverage options are available?

RV Insurance Options

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive coverage will cover your RV a theft, vandalism, or natural disaster incident occurs that causes damages to your RV or destroys it. For example, if your RV is destroyed due to a hurricane or a tornado, this part of your policy will help you replace it with the same model or a similar one.

Collision Insurance

If you are involved in a collision with another vehicle or an object, collision insurance will help pay for any damages that occur as a result of the collision.

To determine the best coverage for you, your family, and the investment you have made in your beloved RV, you will need to contact a trusted and experienced RV insurance agent who can help you create the best policy for you and your situation. You can call upon the RV insurance agents at the First Florida Underwriters Inc in Orange Park, FL to get your RV insurance policy in place today!

Boat Insurance for Beginners

Florida is synonymous with boating, and if you have a boat, you should have boat insurance. Let First Florida Underwriters Inc serving the area of Orange Park, FL assist you today.

A boat is an asset, so it is logical to look at insurance options. In Florida, boat insurance is a subcategory of marine insurance. Consider the following checklist when reviewing boat insurance.

  • State law may require you to register your boat, so be sure to keep your registration papers in a safe place. Take the time to review any additional state regulations.
  • What is the size of my boat? Insurance will likely have size categories that boats are divided into so know your footage
  • Is my boat motorized? That is a fairly easy one to answer.
  • Where is my boat kept – do I lease moorings at the docks, or do I keep it on my property?
  • What will the repair or replacement cost be if my boat is stolen, damaged, or destroyed? The price tag is not always what you will pay to replace your possession
  • Is there liability insurance? This is a big one because it is unlikely that you will always go out on your boat by yourself. There may be additional safety requirements like wearing a life jacket in order for your liability insurance to be paid.
  • If I leave Florida with my boat temporarily, will my boat insurance still provide cover?
  • Do I need my boat insurance to cover wreckage and salvage?
  • Am I transporting any kind of cargo with my boat and how is that covered?

While boat insurance may seem simple when you are starting out, there are many areas to evaluate. Be sure to contact First Florida Underwriters Inc serving the Orange Park, FL area today!

What Is Workers’Comp Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

Have you ever thought about how your Orange Park, FL business would operate without the input of employees? Your employees are the most valuable asset in your business. Workers’ comp insurance is instrumental in covering job-related employee injuries and makes employers immune from some injury lawsuits filed by their employees. Connect with us at First Florida Underwriters Inc. to acquire outstanding workers’ comp insurance to safeguard your most prized asset in your business setup.

What is workers’ comp insurance?

This policy safeguards both the employees and employers in the event of work-related sickness, injury, or demise. Employees are guaranteed medical expenses, disability reimbursements, and lost income, and employers get protected from lawsuits for losses accrued and other probable personal and employer liability. Florida law requires workers’ comp insurance for nearly every employer in the state.

Why do you need workers’ comp insurance

Whether you are a new or seasoned business owner in Orange Park, FL the state of Florida requires you to maintain workers’ comp insurance. Failure to comply with these regulations of maintaining insurance, you become susceptible to civil and criminal lawsuits. However, besides observing compliance, workers’ comp insurance carries the following benefits.

Protect your business

The actual costs of accident-related medical expenses can sometimes be massive. Not many businesses can survive the financial burden of work-related injury costs. Luckily, when you carry workers’ comp insurance, you don’t have to settle employee’s medical bills out of pocket.

Some businesses may view workers’ comp insurance as a recurring expense, but the prevailing premium is far less than the medical treatment of an injured employee. As a matter of truth, one substantial work-related injury claim can culminate into hefty financial ruin to your business.

Protect your employees

Irrespective of how safety-conscious your working environment can be, accidents are imminent. Given the inescapable fact that injuries are never far off in the working premises, workers’ comp insurance safeguards your employees by reimbursing their medical costs and settling wage replacement benefits where applicable.

Possessing spectacular workers’ comp insurance is a prudent decision to safeguard employees and your business. If you are looking for magnificent workers’ comp insurance for your Orange Park, FL business, you can trust the First Florida Underwriters Inc. team to ensure your business is protected. Call us today and start your insurance journey with us.

Why do Florida businesses always need to have commercial insurance?

The Orange Park, FL area offers a lot of potential for business owners. Those that are going to start a business in this area can find that the strong economy and high population base offer a lot of advantages. If you are going to start a business in this part of Florida, protecting your business with insurance should be considered a necessity. You will need to have this protection for a few reasons. 

Coverage is Required for Business

One of the reasons that you need to have commercial coverage is that it is required for many businesses. A business is likely to need to take out a loan or raise other capital at some point to grow the company. Along with this, they are likely to sign a variety of contracts that will usually mandate the business to carry commercial insurance. 

Coverage Offers Valuable Protection

You will also want to have a commercial insurance plan to protect your business. A commercial insurance plan can protect all of your company assets and offer liability protection within one policy. If there is ever a situation in which you are named in a liability suit or your assets are stolen or damaged, this could prove to be quite helpful. 

Those that are business owners in the Orange Park, FL area need to make sure their companies are properly protected with insurance. As you are looking for coverage, you are going to find that there are a lot of options to choose from. Fortunately, the professionals with First Florida Underwriters Inc can help you pick a plan that will properly protect you and your company. First Florida Underwriters Inc will be able to explain your needs and options to ensure you make a wise insurance plan decision. 

What protection comes with motorcycle insurance in Florida?

Those that are in the Orange Park, FL area will need to own a vehicle to ensure they can get around the community. As you are looking for one, choosing a motorcycle can be a fun option and is ideal based on the climate. With your motorcycle purchase, it is also important that you pick a quality insurance plan. This coverage will provide several forms of valuable protection. 

Protection for Motorcycle

One type of protection that you are going to receive with motorcycle insurance is coverage for the vehicle itself. Losing a motorcycle or other major asset to an accident, theft, or other forms of loss can be very challenging. When you get a proper motorcycle insurance plan that has full coverage, you can receive the protection needed to ensure you can repair or replace it in the future. 

Liability Support

Anyone that is looking to get a motorcycle insurance plan will also enjoy the liability support that they receive. Those that drive a motorcycle will be responsible for damages if there is an accident that they cause. As these costs can be significant, you will want to know you have the support to cover them. With a motorcycle insurance plan, you are going to receive liability support that will offset this concern. This form of protection is also required by the state.

As you are looking to buy a motorcycle, getting a motorcycle insurance plan is quite important. In the Orange Park, FL area, a great company to call is First Florida Underwriters Inc. If you work with First Florida Underwriters Inc you will learn a lot about your different insurance options. The team can then offer the support needed to pick an insurance plan that is right for your situation. 

Why you need to purchase extra coverages in your auto insurance policy

Why you need to purchase extra coverages in your auto insurance policy

All Florida drivers must have personal injury protection and property damage liability to drive freely on public roads. These benefits extend to your family members unless they have their own auto insurance, but are these coverages really enough? Of course, they’re not if you know the importance of protecting yourself on Orange Park, FL roads. So, which other policies should you buy to add more protection? At First Florida Underwriters Inc, we recommend understanding your insurance needs to determine which coverages are essential.

You can be sued

Always keep in mind that you can be sued anytime when you or a member of your family causes an accident. Lawsuits can be messy and expensive at the same time. Coverages like bodily injury liability and property damage liability can be lifesavers if you have more than enough. Remember, you cannot really tell how extensive an injury can get.

What about accidents that can happen when you’re not driving?

If you think about it, your car remains parked most of the time, either at work or at home. That doesn’t always mean that nothing will happen to it. It can be stolen, vandalized, or hit by a tree. Sometimes, it’s the scorching sun that can damage your windshield, side windows, and glass sunroof. Collision and comprehensive coverage protect your car when parking.

Auto insurance is a family insurance

When you buy your auto insurance policy in Orange Park, FL, you’re also buying for your family. The last thing you want is to get into an accident with your family, and your auto insurance is not enough to pay for their medical bills.

Need to learn more about coverages to add to your policy? First Florida Underwriters Inc can help you choose extra coverages depending on your style, budget, and needs. Call us today!

What You Need to Know About Motorcycle Insurance

There are few things which compare with riding the open road on your own motorcycle. For decades the thrill of bike ownership and riding has enthralled millions of people. If you are a proud bike owner in Florida, you also understand that along with the excitement comes a certain amount of responsibility. At First Florida Underwriters Inc, serving Orange Park, FL, we want to help you fulfill this responsibility. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about motorcycle insurance. 

Why Is Motorcycle Insurance Important?

Motorcycles pose a special kind of risk to both riders and other drivers. Because you do not have the protection of a car’s body surrounding you, you are at an increased chance of injury every time you ride. If you are in an accident, the cost of medical bills and repairs or replacement to your bike will come out of your pocket, unless you are properly insured. You have made an investment in your bike and a good insurance policy will protect that investment. If you are involved in an accident in which others are injured, you could be held liable for their medical bills or even any legal fees that could result. Again, insurance can help protect against this. 

Is Auto Insurance Good Enough For My Bike?

Although there are many similarities between an auto insurance policy and a motorcycle insurance policy, there are also some important differences. For instance, a motorcycle policy will have greater coverage amounts for bodily injury because a biker is at greater risk for injury. Also, a motorcycle policy will provide an option to pause your insurance if you don’t use your bike for certain months out of the year. This can save you money. 

If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us at First Florida Underwriters Inc, serving Orange Park, FL.    

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