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Five Common motorcycle claims in Florida

Riding a motorcycle can bring a sense of freedom. Unfortunately, it also carries some unique risks.

That’s why motorcycle insurance is so important. These policies add an extra layer of protection. But First Florida Underwriters Inc also knows that some accidents are unavoidable. Our agency stresses prevention. One way to remain vigilant while riding is to spot threats early.

With this in mind, First Florida Underwriters Inc shares five common motorcycle insurance claims and how these can be prevented.

Excessive Speeds

It doesn’t take long for motorcycles to reach top speeds. For this reason, reckless driving is a real issue. It’s the leading culprit when it comes to motorcycle fatalities. Observe all posted speed limits. And wear helmets, gloves, reflective clothing, and all other safety gear.

Distracted Driving

Eliminating distractions is essential. And this applies to any motorist, not just motorcycles. Always avoid using cell phones, radios, and other electronics while operating a vehicle.

Roadway Debris

Speeding and distractions make spotting debris on the roadways difficult. Look out for garbage, rocks, and other unexpected objects. If left unidentified, these can result in severe damage.

Inclement Weather

Bad weather can pop up out of nowhere. This dramatically reduces visibility. Even the slightest error can be costly during high winds, heavy rain, or fog.

Improper Lane Switching 

Be extra careful at intersections. Illegal left turns and improper passing is especially problematic. Lane splitting, where a motorcycle rider attempts to navigate two lanes of traffic, is incredibly risky.

Contact an agent serving Orange Park, FL.

Motorcycle accidents can be dangerous. Awareness on the roadways is critical. Yet a dedicated motorcycle insurance policy goes a long way in proactively protecting your interests. Serving Orange Park, FL, First Florida Underwriters Inc can help. Schedule an appointment today.

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