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Why you need to purchase extra coverages in your auto insurance policy

Why you need to purchase extra coverages in your auto insurance policy

All Florida drivers must have personal injury protection and property damage liability to drive freely on public roads. These benefits extend to your family members unless they have their own auto insurance, but are these coverages really enough? Of course, they’re not if you know the importance of protecting yourself on Orange Park, FL roads. So, which other policies should you buy to add more protection? At First Florida Underwriters Inc, we recommend understanding your insurance needs to determine which coverages are essential.

You can be sued

Always keep in mind that you can be sued anytime when you or a member of your family causes an accident. Lawsuits can be messy and expensive at the same time. Coverages like bodily injury liability and property damage liability can be lifesavers if you have more than enough. Remember, you cannot really tell how extensive an injury can get.

What about accidents that can happen when you’re not driving?

If you think about it, your car remains parked most of the time, either at work or at home. That doesn’t always mean that nothing will happen to it. It can be stolen, vandalized, or hit by a tree. Sometimes, it’s the scorching sun that can damage your windshield, side windows, and glass sunroof. Collision and comprehensive coverage protect your car when parking.

Auto insurance is a family insurance

When you buy your auto insurance policy in Orange Park, FL, you’re also buying for your family. The last thing you want is to get into an accident with your family, and your auto insurance is not enough to pay for their medical bills.

Need to learn more about coverages to add to your policy? First Florida Underwriters Inc can help you choose extra coverages depending on your style, budget, and needs. Call us today!

Required Auto Insurance in Florida

Every driver in Florida must carry auto insurance as well as proof that you have it. If you need auto insurance, or you want to make a switch in the carrier, call us at First Florida Underwriters Inc in Orange Park, FL. 

Injury Coverage

There are two types of injury protection that Florida drivers have to have to be legal. The first is bodily injury coverage. This must have a specific minimum for each person injured in an accident as well as a specific minimum for the entire accident. Personal injury protection is another mandatory minimum that is kept in case you are injured in an accident. 

Property Damage and Uninsured Motorist

The other two types of required auto insurance in the state are property damage coverage and uninsured motorist coverage. Each of these insurance types has a required minimum that your policy must include. The property damage coverage often means damage done to another vehicle, but this can also include damage done to a building or other structure. A specific coverage amount of uninsured motorist covers you in case you are in an accident with an uninsured motorist who is at fault for the accident. 

Boosting Your Coverage

While all of these required minimums are all you need to stay legal, they offer relatively little in the way of financial protection. With spiraling medical costs, many drivers choose to have maximum payouts that are much higher than the required minimum. This is often a better way to protect your assets and your future. 

Call Us

If you want to discuss your auto insurance and how much you may need, call us at First Florida Underwriters Inc in Orange Park, FL for an appointment. We can help you get the coverage you both want and need. 

How much auto insurance is required in Florida?

Florida is a “no-fault” state, which means that all drivers are required to have enough insurance to cover damages sustained in a car accident regardless of whether or not they are responsible for the incident. It may be confusing to understand the “no-fault” policy at times, which is why some Orange Park, FL residents are left wondering how much auto insurance is needed to fulfill the state’s requirements. The agents at First Florida Underwriters Inc. can help you understand Florida’s car insurance policies so that you are fully covered in an accident. 

How much auto insurance does Florida require?

The Sunshine State requires drivers to show proof of at least $10,000 in bodily injury protection for each person ($20,000 per accident). Drivers must also have at least $10,000 property damage liability and $10,000 personal injury protection (PIP) to legally operate a vehicle in Orange Park, FL, and throughout the state. 

What is personal injury protection?

Personal injury protection is an addition to your indemnity policy that covers medical expenses as well as lost wages. This extension makes Florida’s “no-fault” insurance policy possible by paying for damages that a traditional indemnity plan would not ordinarily cover. 

How much auto insurance do you need in Florida?

The state minimum may not be enough to keep you from suffering significant financial loss if you are involved in a car accident in Florida. The agents at First Florida Underwriters Inc. can help you find the auto insurance policy that works best for your lifestyle. Do not wait until it is too late to find out that you do not have enough indemnity coverage. Call First Florida Underwriters today to get started with a quote for insurance. 

Is Your Car Prepped for Holiday Travels?

With the holidays right around the corner, now’s the time to prepare your vehicle for upcoming travels. Whether you’re planning to visit relatives in another state or having relatives visit you, you will need your car in tip-top shape for family excursions, shopping trips or sightseeing. Here are some tips from First Florida Underwriters Inc in Orange Park, FL on prepping your vehicle for the holidays.

Have Your Car Inspected

Before the holidays, have your vehicle inspected to ensure everything’s in working order. Ask your mechanic to check the engine, belts, fluids, brakes, tires and wipers to avoid problems during long distance travels. If you need an oil change, get it done before hitting the road. A thorough inspection will give you peace of mind that your vehicle is ready for holiday travels.  

Clean Your Car – Inside and Out

Give your car an in-depth cleaning, inside and out. Wipe down seats, dash and doors and vacuum flooring to eliminate dirt and debris. A clean car will be more inspiring to travel in, both around town and on a holiday road trip. It also reduces the risk of health problems such as asthma or allergies.

Pack an Emergency Kit

Anytime you travel, you should hope for the best but plan for the worst by packing an emergency auto kit. Your kit should contain such essentials as flashlight, cell phone charger, jumper cables, flashlight with spare batteries, first aid kit and flares in case you break down on the road. Bring extra water, snacks and blankets as well to keep kids happy and comfy until help comes.

Review Auto Insurance

Don’t forget to review your auto insurance to make sure you have the protection you need on the road. For comprehensive auto insurance at reasonable costs, contact First Florida Underwriters Inc in Orange Park, FL. 

Must Have Auto Coverage for Long Distance Driving

Whether you drive long distances for business or pleasure, the right insurance coverage will keep you safe on the road. At First Florida Underwriters Inc in Orange Park, FL, we can help you select an auto insurance policy that meets your long distance driving needs. With adequate insurance coverage, you will be prepared for any eventuality when traveling far from home.

Here are some key coverage options to consider for long distance driving:

Comprehensive Coverage – This coverage covers the cost of repairing your vehicle if it gets damaged in a storm or is vandalized when you stop to eat on the road. It also protects you against car theft. It’s good to know your vehicle’s protected when you’re traveling in parts unknown.  

Roadside Assist – Even new vehicles can break down without warning. Roadside assist gives you 24/7 help when emergency situations arise and you have no friends in the area to call. It can be a lifesaver when you’re far from home. Your car and your pocketbook will be thankful you have this coverage should you have a breakdown when on the road.

Uninsured Motorist (Property Damage) – This coverage protects your vehicle if it’s hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver. You never know what kind of situations you’ll encounter on the road. Sad to say, not everyone carries the auto insurance coverage they should. This protection will give you peace of mind when traveling in new territory around unknown drivers.

Whether you’re traveling in-state or across the country, the right insurance coverage will protect you and others on the road. When it comes to long distance driving, safety should always be a priority.

To learn more about auto insurance coverage and costs, contact an agent from First Florida Underwriters Inc, in Orange Park, FL.

Getting the Best Auto Insurance in Orange Park Regardless of Your Driving History

Throughout the US today, most states require auto insurance before an individual is legally allowed to operate a motor vehicle, especially with other drivers on the roads. In Orange Park, Florida, the law is also enforced to ensure all drivers are protected in the case of an accident or potential bodily injury. Obtaining both bodily injury and property damage insurance is necessary for the state of Florida to keep both drivers and passersby safe while operating vehicles. 

Before purchasing insurance in the state of Florida, it is important to verify the type of insurance you are obtaining and the amount of coverage you want to include within the plan of your choice. Our agents at First Florida Underwriters Inc ensure our customers that they have proper insurance before getting on the road to avoid traffic tickets or potential monetary lawsuits that stem from accidents and injuries while operating a motorized vehicle. Working together with an agent who specializes in auto insurance can get you the right coverage based on your financial situation as well as the amount of coverage you are seeking to protect yourself and the vehicle of your choice whenever you are driving. Whether you are in need of full and comprehensive coverage or uninsured motorist coverage, we are here to assist with the process from start to finish. 

To work with an insurance agent who specializes in auto insurance throughout Orange Park, FL, contact First Florida Underwriters Inc today for more information and to get the coverage you need right away to protect you and your family every time you drive.

Auto Insurance Is Up to You: How to Make Better Decisions

You do need to buy auto insurance in Florida in order to be legal on the road, but the type of auto insurance you buy is up to you. First Florida Underwriters Inc doesn’t want anyone to be caught unawares when they’re in an accident or something unexpected happens to their car. Find out more about how state limits, liability and other events will ultimately impact you and your finances. 

Putting It All in Perspective 

The last thing a person needs when they’re choosing auto insurance is a lot of jargon. The problem is that the rules of auto insurance can be overwhelming even for the people who work in the industry. When so much can happen on a day-to-day basis, there’s often too much information to cover in one short phone call or meeting. Liability insurance may be cheap when it comes to your monthly payments, but it won’t help you buy another car or get you to work if your transportation is in the shop. The state limits in Florida mean that you’re responsible for any costs outside of those limits. What you need to know is the bottom line — you need to protect yourself against out-of-pocket costs you likely won’t be able to pay.  

Keeping Orange Park FL Safe 

Our company is here for you if you’re looking for a better policy. First Florida Underwriters Inc helps people like you make decisions with a clear head, and we’re happy to be of service to our neighbors. If you live in Orange Park, FL and are thinking it might be time to take a few more precautions, then call us today for more information about how to revamp your policy and ensure you stay protected. 

Auto Insurance and You

If you are the owner of a vehicle, then the chances are good that you already have auto insurance.  In fact, it is mandatory by law in every state, although the coverages needed will vary from state to state.

Typically, comprehensive and collision coverage are not mandatory, but if you have a vehicle that is worth more than $5,000, it might be worth considering.  Also, if you happen to be purchasing a vehicle by using financing, most lenders will require these types of auto insurance.  Most of the time you will find comprehensive auto insurance and collision auto insurance being sold as a single entity…even though they are different.  Collision insurance covers any physical type of damage to your own vehicle that is caused by an accident involving another vehicle or object.  Comprehensive auto insurance covers any type of damage to vehicles that is not caused by a collision.  This could be a run in with a deer.  It also covers damage related to weather as well as the theft of your vehicle.

A simple way to remember the differences between the two is to relate collision auto insurance to collisions or accidents with vehicles or other things that aren’t alive.  Comprehensive is what takes care of collisions with animals, weather-related damage and damage that is due to vandalism or theft.

Both of these types of auto insurance are not typically required with the state minimum requirements.  That typically only involves liability, which will cover the cost of damage to the other party’s property when you are at fault in an accident.

If you are in the Orange Park, FL area and need more information, call or stop by First Florida Underwriters Inc today.  We have friendly and knowledgeable agents standing by to answer all of your questions.


Top 4 Tips For Avoiding Road Rage

Road rage is the cause of numerous accidents. It can be sparked by anything from being cut off to taking a bit too long to move when the light turns green. Often, enraged individuals fuel each other. Thus, it is important to be aware of potential road rage both in yourself and in others. Follow these four tips to keep road rage to a minimum:

1. Stay in the right lane

Angry drivers absolutely hate being stuck behind slower individuals in the left lane. If you intend on sticking to the speed limit, it is in your best interest to remain in the right lane whenever possible.

2. Turn down the radio

Far from distracting you from your anger or the anger of others, loud music can actually add tension to an already difficult situation. If music is absolutely essential, switch out the rock or rap for calming classical music.

3. Avoid eye contact

In most situations, eye contact is a good thing, but on the road, it simply further enrages already angry drivers. If another driver is showing signs of road rage, make every effort to avoid eye contact.

4. Get off the road

Whether you are the culprit or other drivers are scaring you with their angry behind-the-wheel behavior, it’s in your best interest to pull over. Find a gas station, a rest stop, or some other location where you can take a few minutes to relax before returning to the road. A brief walk can make all the difference when you’re feeling tense.

Avoiding road rage is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself safe and your vehicle intact. Good coverage is just as important, so contact First Florida Underwriters, Inc. to learn what options are available for your vehicle.