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Is It Time to Upgrade my Home Insurance Policy?

Home insurance protects your building structure and the contents inside against perils like fire, theft, natural disasters, etc. Homeowners’ insurance protects you against liability claims and pays for additional living expenses when your home is rendered unlivable.

While home insurance can save the day when the unthinkable strikes, the policy needs to be updated to cover your current needs. At First Florida Underwriters Inc., we recommend reviewing your home insurance policy at least yearly. Several factors can also prompt you to have a second look at your home insurance. These include:

Significant home improvements

Significant renovations and additions increase the value of your home, and the current policy won’t cover you adequately when your home is damaged. If you make a significant upgrade to your kitchen or add another structure, talk to your insurer to update your policy.

You start a home-based business.

Your home insurance covers your home, its contents, and liability claims not related to your business. So, if your customer trips on the floor of your home while attending a business meeting, home insurance won’t cover their medical costs. Talk to your insurance for add-ons to cover your home-based business.

You bring a dog

There are not many exciting things like welcoming a dog to your home. However, sometimes dogs can cause liability claims, which can be exorbitant. Let your insurer know when you have a dog in your house. Even if it’s a mild-mannered dog, inform your insurer because they can bite when stressed.

Home insurance in Florida

Need to learn more about home insurance in Orange Park, FL? Please book an appointment with First Florida Underwriters Inc. for more insights. We will help you understand your policy and whether it needs any adjustments.