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Take Along Checklist for New Motorcycle Buyers

Planning to purchase a motorcycle to explore the Orange Park, FL area? In your excitement, it’s easy to overlook important details. Take this short checklist along for the ride when you’re inspecting a possible buy. These tips are most helpful for those in the market for preowned motorcycles, whether from a licensed vendor or a private party.

  • Do some research to know what you want. Do an honest assessment of your physical condition, skill level, and preferences to narrow down your choices. Make a list of 3 to 4 models that might fit your needs.
  • Call the motorcycle insurance experts at First Florida Underwriters Inc before you shop. They can help you understand how your buying choices might affect your policy options.
  • Ask for pictures when communicating with online sellers. Inspect the photos for signs of damage like scratches, dents, or clearly broken parts. Request multiple angles and closeup shots. Sellers who refuse these requests could be trying to hide something.
  • The VIN number is an identifier that is linked to every official report related to that vehicle. Get the bike’s VIN number and use an online search site to find out if the motorcycle has been involved in any accidents, received recommended maintenance, or have changed ownership.
  • Inspect the motorcycle before attempting a test drive. Visually inspect:
    • wheels
    • tires
    • brakes
    • suspension
    • gauges
    • engine
    • exhaust
    • belt drives
    • chains
    • oil battery
    • handlebars
    • switches
    • cables
    • levers
    • fuel tank and lines
    • lights
    • charging system
  • Take the bike to a certified mechanic for a full inspection before purchasing.  An expert can help you understand potential maintenance or repair costs. This information can be helpful in price negotiations as well.

Once you’ve purchased the bike of your dreams, contact the agents at First Florida Underwriters Inc to complete the signup for your Orange Park, FL motorcycle insurance.