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The Basics of Workers Comp Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance is a multi-faceted and often confusing set of the legislature that may keep business owners from correctly accomplishing their goals. A solid understanding of workers comp coverage requirements is a simple way to avoid accidents and any legal issues that may arise in the future.

The State of Florida requires employers that conduct work within state boundaries to provide a form of workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. Specific requirements will ultimately depend on the type of industry, individual organization of the company, and perhaps most importantly, employee volume. The number of workers you employ will have a significant impact on the amount of coverage necessary. Companies are required to offer workers compensation insurance to employees when:

  • A construction company employs one or more employees, including corporate officers and Limited Liability Company members.
  • Any non-construction companies that employ four or more employees, plus corporate officers and LLC members. Sole proprietors and Partnerships are not considered employees under this law unless otherwise specified.
  • Agricultural operations that employ six regular employees or twelve seasonal workers. Seasonal employees must work more than thirty days in a season, but less than forty-five days over the course of a year.
  • Any contracting business must verify by law that their sub-contractors offer workers compensation to employees. Without proper workers comp insurance, the employees of the sub-contractor become the employees of the contractor, making them responsible for all policy demands.

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