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Reasons you should create a home inventory in Orange Park, FL

It’s hard to think about losing your home in a disaster or having your belongings damaged. It’s even harder, though, to think clearly after a devastating event happens, which is why you should create a home inventory. First Florida Underwriters Inc has compiled a list of the top reasons you should create a home inventory.

1. It helps you get the right insurance coverage

When you create a home inventory, you’ll take stock of what you have in your home so you know how much insurance coverage you actually need. For example, if you have a lot of original artwork in your home, this may not be covered by your basic home insurance policy.

2. It speeds up the claims process

When you need to make a home insurance claim, the insurance company will want to know what your damages are and what the items were worth. If you don’t have a home inventory, it will take much longer to determine this information.

3. It ensures you’ll be compensated the proper amount for your losses

Your home inventory will include accurate information about your items so they won’t be undervalued when you file a claim.

4. It saves you time

It may seem time-consuming to create a home inventory now, but it is much easier to do when you can see everything in your home. Going back after items are missing or destroyed is much more difficult and time-consuming. Chances are, you’ll forget about a few items as well.

It may seem like a burden to create a home inventory now, but you’ll thank yourself later should you ever need it for your home near Orange Park, FL. We hope you never actually have to use your home inventory, but if you do, the insurance agents at First Florida Underwriters Inc are here to help.