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A Guide to Packing from First Florida Underwriters, Inc

If you’re living in Florida, then you are probably aware of the dangers of flooding.  In fact, flooding is the most common and widespread disaster besides fires. First Florida Underwriters, Inc understands the dangers of living in a hurricane and flood prone area and are there to assist you with flood insurance, homeowners insurance and disaster insurance.

First Florida wants residents of Orange Park to always be prepared and to play it safe.  That is why they have compiled a list of effective and fast ways to pack in the event of an emergency.  Read the guide below.

1. Keep a list

Get a notebook and list all the items that you place in a particular box.  You don’t have to itemize every single item.  You can put  ‘baby clothes’ or utensils and dishware in a particular box then label it with a copy of your list. It will come in  handy when you wondering where you put what.r

2. Make an ‘arrival’ box

This is one of the most important packing tips. If you are evacuating because of a flood this emergency box holds all the items you need in a flash. When you arrive to your destination tired and hungry you will be grateful for this box that contains all your immediate necessities.

3. Pack small for books

Books are much heavier than they seem so it’s best not to make the mistake of getting a mammoth size box for them because you won’t be able to lift them.  A box measuring 18” long by 2’ wide by 6” in height is best.  You can move a lot faster with these mini packages.

4. Discard old makeup and medicine

If you didn’t have the will power (or time) to do it before now is your opportunity.  Toss away your old makeup and medicine to  make packing faster.