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Be Safe on Your New ATV

An All Terrain Vehicle is a great way to enjoy and explore Florida. However, there are a few things you should know before enjoying your ATV, in order make sure that good times are not had at the cost of safety. 

In Florida an ATV driver or passenger under 16 must wear a helmet at all times.  The state provides many public riding areas through state and county parks so ATV drivers and riders can enjoy the scenery off of their own land. However, according to the 2015 Florida Statutes, all-terrain vehicles may not be operated upon the public roads, streets, or highways of Florida, except as otherwise permitted by the managing state or federal agency.  

Remember This for Riding Safety

  • Know your terrain. In Florida you may come across swampland, rivers, creeks, bogs, and even ravines in some areas. It is important to know what you may be riding up on, a good way to keep life and limb is to do the course or survey the land slowly, then enjoy faster speeds. 
  • Wear your helmet. It is only legally required for riders under a certain age, however wearing a helmet is important for personal safety. 
  • Be prepared to walk out of the woods, or to repair your ATV on the spot.  Keep gear on hand to either repair any small damages that may occur on a deep woods ride, or to keep you hydrated and safe from the elements if you are stranded. Ideally both. 
  • Practice before going for your first long ride. Do not just go into the woods or on a track with the pros without knowing your machine. 

First Florida Underwriters Inc. can help you protect your ATV in case something does go wrong. It is an investment in fun, and often an ATV is also useful on the farm. Compare quotes for insurance easily with First Florida Underwriters to keep all of your vehicles  protected.